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When shopping for windows for your home you will be faced with a tough choice: annealed glass or tempered glass?  We all know that tempered glass is better than annealed glass many people are not sure why it is better. 

Tempered Glass: Safer and Stronger

Tempered glass panels are treated by chemicals and heat to make it tough and strong. These panels go through fast heating and cooling processes. These processes make tempered glass safer and stronger than annealed glass (ordinary glass).


When you opt for tempered glass installation in your home, you are installing a safer type of glass that resists breaking. Tempered glass breaking, forms into pebble-like and blunt pieces. Ordinary glass, on the other hand, forms into sharp and dangerous shards. 

The sharp pieces of the ordinary broken glass often cause deep cuts that are difficult to thoroughly clean up. Opting for tempered glass, therefore, can prevent serious injuries in your home when glass breaks.


Tempered glass is four to five times stronger and tougher than ordinary glass. This gives burglars a harder time to break into your home through your windows. 

While tempered glass is safer when it breaks, it is less like to break because of its strength. It is strong enough to withstand hard blows, impacts, and scratches. It can also survive strong winds and hurricanes. 

The National Glass Association has set conditions when a window is required to have tempered glass:

  • The top portion of the glass is less than 36” above the floor. 
  • The glass is less than 18” above the floor.
  • The glass is within 36” of a walkway. 
  • The side of the glass is over 9 square feet. 

Other than being safe and strong, tempered glass windows come with other benefits:

Resistant to Heat 

Ordinary glass can shatter when exposed to excessive heat. Tempered glass, on the other hand, can withstand high temperatures (up to 3200C) without cracking. It has twice the thermal stability of ordinary glass making it a good barrier to fire hazards. 

Resistant to Scratch 

Tempered glass is resistant to scratches. This means it can stand up to the daily wear and tear windows and doors need to endure allowing them to remain clear and flawless longer. 

Clear and Quality

Tempered glass is crystal clear. It offers better clarity and quality than ordinary glass.

Versatile Design

Tempered glass is not only known for its safety and strength. It can also be used to enhance the aesthetics of your home. This type of glass is available in a wide range of designs and patterns. It also comes in clear, clear-colored, and frosted. You can also opt to add engravings.

Easier to Clean

In case it breaks, tempered glass is easier and safer to clean up than ordinary glass. Since this type of glass breaks into very small pieces, sweeping it up is quicker and without any risk of injury. 

Longer Lifespan

Since it takes more force to break tempered glass, it will last longer than ordinary glass. It is the strongest type of glass and is up to eight times more impact resistant than ordinary glass. 

Tempered glass installation entails extra costs.  We, however, believe the safety and strength of your North Carolina tempered glass will keep your home safe and secure for long years.

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