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Roof Installation North Carolina


Roof Installation

If installed properly, new roof installation is supposed to last for decades before you can think of replacing it. However, this might not be the case for your home or business premises. You will find many roofs wearing out faster than they are supposed to. The reason could be a poor installation by unqualified roofers. This is where North Carolina roofers come in. Whether it is your newly constructed house or commercial building, we Roofers North Carolina have all that is needed to install your roof perfectly every single time. We do our job the right way to ensure customer satisfaction. Our roofers have extensive experience that you can rely on to get the job done.

Roof Installation Services

If it is a new roof, we collaborate with your builder to ensure that we get the roof installed properly. This includes sealing out any moisture and creating a protective layer on your new building. That is not all; our North Carolina roofing company also does a roof replacement. This involves removing the old roof and putting a new one in place including a layer of shingles.

We use high-quality shingles sourced from the top brands in the market. You get the option of choosing from the wide variety of styles and colors to suit your preference. We also adhere to the installation guidelines for proper roof installation to ensure that we do not void your warranty.

Also, during the whole installation process, we are very considerate of your building and the surrounding property. We demonstrate this by cleaning up any materials we might have removed while replacing your old roof. Also, we collect any material that might have remained unused after the replacement process to ensure that your compound is left in perfect condition. As one of the best Roofers North Carolina, we take pride at what we do and we are always willing to lend a hand with any roofing needs.

Have you ever considered having flat roofs installed on your home or business building? We also specialize in their installation. These roofs are preferred by many customers for their good qualities including:

Durability- they come in a composite layer are made from PVC which makes them very sturdy and resistant to punctures and impacts. They can also withstand the harsh North Carolina weather.

Lifetime Warranty- residential flat roofs come with a leakage life warranty

Low Maintenance- they are made with an acrylic finish that is resistant to mold, dirt, mildew, debris, fading, chemicals, and algae.

Energy Efficient- the white flat roof is great for lowering the electric bills as it reflects 90% of the heat coming through the roof

Shingle Roofs

We also excel in installing asphalt shingle roofs. They are preferred by most customers due to their easy installation process and fair cost. They also come in different colors and styles to offer great aesthetic décor for homes. This kind of roof can be treated easily to prevent the growth of mildew and mold. Another great thing about asphalt shingle roofs is that they can be installed over your already existing roof thus reducing the installation cost and save time.

Are you in need of roof installation? Contact us for all your needs with roof repair North Carolina. We will offer you a great deal.

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