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Metal Roofs North Carolina


Metal Roofing in North Carolina

Welcome and thank you for visiting Roofers North Carolina. We offer our clients permanent metal roofing according to their specifications. Most of our clients are those looking for residential roofing solutions. However, we also install and repair roofs for churches as well as office buildings. As one of the best roofers in North Carolina, we are always trying to offer our clients with the best roofing solutions. Most North Carolina residents are ditching their outdated asphalt shingles and going for metal roofing. This is because metal roofing has numerous benefits including:

Energy Saving

Installing a metal roof means saving more money. This is because it reflects heat regardless of its color. What this means is having cooler summers and warmer winters due to the proper insulation it offers. This will help you save on energy bills which can pile up during the summer and winter seasons. However, for you to benefit from metal roofs, you should buy those that come with highly emissive and reflective paint. These can re-emit around 90% of all the absorbed radiation. Many of our customers who have had metal roofing installed have seen a reduction of up to 20% in energy costs.

Long Lasting

Metal roofing is not only great in reducing energy bills, but it is also very durable. These materials can last for up to 50 years while retaining their luster and integrity. Durability is one of the many reasons why our clients choose to go with metal roofing. While you will need to replace an asphalt roof 2 to 4 times more than metal roofing, metal has now become a trend in the roofing industry for those looking for value. When you calculate the costs of a metal roofing lifespan, you will realize that it costs less than asphalt in the long run.

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For decades, metal has continued to be used on flat roofs. Its durability could be the cause since metal is estimated to last more than three decades. In the past, metal roofs came in copper or tin-steel alloy. However, these materials have become outdated and manufacturers are now using aluminum. This is what we use on metal flat roofs when replacing our clients’ leaking roofs. If you have encountered storm damage in North Carolina, get in touch with us and we will help repair or replace your vinyl siding or even do tear-offs.

Why Choose Metal Roofing in North Carolina

Regardless of where you reside in North Carolina, getting a metal roof is a great choice whether it is for your home or office building. Here is why metal roofs are ideal.

  • They can withstand very high winds of up to 120mph
  • Most come with an up to the 50-year warranty
  • There are numerous colors and styles to choose from ranging from traditional to contemporary architectural designs
  • You can find environmentally-friendly metal roofs which are manufactured using recycled metals
  • Most metal roofs are Energy Star tax credit certified. These help in lowering energy costs for the homeowners.

Get in touch with us for all your roofing North Carolina needs and we will have our qualified team help restore back your roof back to its former glory. Regardless of your budget, we will have something for you to ensure you have s roof over your head.

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